Taïeb Louhichi is a Tunisian director born on June 16, 1948 in Mareth.
After literature and sociology studies which resulted in a doctorate degree, he turned towards cinematography and was trained at the Institut de Formation Cinématographique and Vaugirard Street School in Paris.

He shot several short films such as « My village, a village among others », winner of the Golden Tanit at the Cinematographic Days of Carthage in 1972, « The Sharecropper », awarded in many festivals in 1976 and « Carthage, year 12 ».
In 1982, his first feature film, « The Shadow of the earth » received several awards such as the best screenplay award and the Golden Crank at the Panafrican Film Festival of Ouagadougou; it was also awarded at the Critics' Week in Cannes. In 1987, he shot « Goree, island of grandfather » followed in 1989 by « Layla, my reason » that was selected in official competition at the Venice Film Festival of 1991 and received the Audience Award at the first African Film Festival in Milan.
In 1998, he shot his third feature film « Wedding of the moon » followed by « Dance of the Wind » in 2003, « People of the spark » in 2011, a documentary about the protagonists of the Tunisian revolution, and a feature film, « The child of the sun » in 2013.
His latest feature film, "Water Rumours", was released, posthumously, in theaters in Tunisia on March 2, 2018.